Tuesday, March 16, 2010


01 - Brooklyn Express "Straight Ahead" (BC Records)
02 - Richie Havens "Going Back To My Roots" Club Mix-Re-Edit By Mr. K (Elektra)
03 - Skyy "Here's To You" Dimitri From Paris Edit (Velocity Recordings)
04 - Shirley Lites "Heat You Up (Melt You Down)" Melt Down Mix (West End Records)
05 - Tyron Brunson "The Smurf" Tony Humphries Rmx (Believe In A Dream)
06 - Sharon Redd "Beat The Street" Fran├žois Kevorkian Remix (Prelude Records)
07 - Gwen Guthrie "Getting Hot" (Garage Records)
08 - Strafe "Set It Off" (Jus Born Records)
09 - Barbara Mason "Another Man" RWE Edit (West End Records)
10 - Peech Boys “Don't Make Me Wait” Extended Version (West End Records)

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